Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 18: Creative with Stamps

As we approach the holidays it always surprises me each year how much I spend on the extras. Not the gifts themselves but the wrapping paper, tape, cards, tissue paper, bags, gift tags and so much more. It really adds up.

There is an more inexpensive and creative way. It is easy and FUN to boot! I just recently fell in love with stamps. When deciding on my Etsy shop packaging I knew I wanted something beautiful but something that was cost effective and that I could do myself.

I found a small leaf stamp that with a coupon to my craft store ended up only costing me $2.00. I purchased some tissue paper and some unlined index cards. A blue ink pad also from my craft store (and also with a coupon only cost me about $3.00. So for less than ten dollars I created beautiful packaging with coordinating not cards to my customers.

This could easily be used on plain brown craft paper, paper bags, and like and you could have your own personalized wrapping paper. Those index cards could easily be turned into a gift tag with one click of a hole punch. That you could make year after year. There are thousands of stamps out there and I think a few shops on Etsy even will create custom stamps for you.

Have fun and be creative!

So far I have not needed to purchase a new ink pad and I have stamped it hundreds of times.

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