Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 Days: Day 5 (Beaded Hair Pins)

God blessed me with a little girl. He blessed me with a little boy too, but said boy doesn't let me put cute things in his hair. His loss!

Today's "Be Creative" is a quick lesson on making cute little accessories for yourself , daughter or friend. You will need need:

  • wire cutters

  • 28 gauge craft or jewelry wire

  • small and medium seed beads

  • 2 Bobbi pins

First cut about a 12 inch length of jewelry wire. Count out 15 seed beads. Insert wire into the center whole of the beads. (Tip: pour the beads onto a piece of fabric so they don't roll away!) Bring the pieces of wire together and twist to make a loop or "petal." Repeat this process 5 times until you have 5 petals.

Next one end of the remaining wires and insert the medium to large size seed bead. Twist the wire around the other petals to center the bead in the middle of the petals to form a "stamen." Pull with wires taunt and twist several times to secure. Lastly take the remaining wires and insert in the "U" curve of the Bobbi pins. Wrap around the base several times to tightly secure the flower to the pin. Trim any excess wire. Voila! An adorable accessory! These make a great stocking stuffer!

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