Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 Days: Catch Up

Oh wow! I am so far behind dear readers! Okay so technically today is day 23 but I have been working my tushy off in my Etsy shop as well as juggling (and enjoying) family time so some things had to wait.

But I'm back and for today's "Be Creative" series I am going to share with you what I've been so busy making. These personalized Christmas ornaments! I make these with fabric, embroidery floss, satin ribbon and poly-fil stuffing. They are simple but elegant and a beautiful reminder of the ones we love.

Hand made ornaments are a great way to celebrate the holiday season. What do you make for the season that is handmade?

p.s. I finished my half marathon last weekend! I did it! I certainly wasn't the fastest or the strongest but I crossed that finish line. Now I'm hooked and looking for my next race to sign up.

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