Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days: Day 9 (Resourcefulness)

My dear fellow dilly dallyers being creative is a lot of things but one of the greatest assests if find in living a creative kind of life is your ability to be resourceful. Finding a useful and beautiful purpose in everyday items or even things that were on their way to the trash almost becomes a game of sorts.

Now I am not talking about being a "Hoarder" of way...not here. In fact when too much clutter abounds I start to mentally break down..can't find my shoes...where did I leave those papers.. I just can't take it. I believe there is a 31 Dayer talking about organization she could have much to offer in that department.

Let's take the idea of washable coasters. These were made from remnants of fabric. Now they serve a beautiful purpose in my household every day. Guests complement them. My kids abuse them. I wash them. I can't live without them. So today is all about looking around and putting to good use something that has been idle. Something that has been waiting for its moment to shine.

What everyday objects have you transformed? Leave your links in the comment box so we can all enjoy!

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