Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Days of Everyday Beauty

And so it begins the 31 Days Series!   I struggled this year in finding my voice in this blog.  My busy fingers were doing most of the talking for me with Blue Leaf Boutique doing so well and a full family life at home keeping me busy, the blog took a back seat (or maybe it was really in the trunk, under the hatch.  You know were you keep the spare tire?  Yes, that is where it was.) 

And as the Nester and other superb bloggers were gearing up for 31 Days, I was unsure if I really had a seat at this years 31 Days Table.  But a little voice said I did, and I just love listening to that little voice.  It is my friend.

So for the next thirty one days I will be posting everyday about a simple but oh so important topic:  Finding beauty (and inspiration) in the everyday.  As an artist I get asked all the time where my inspiration comes from, or how did I come up with that idea, or some variation.  I fumble for an answer every time.  I think the reason is because the answer is too simple.  It comes my life everyday.  It comes from the seen and unseen.  The morning light catching my little girl's hair, the tweet of a bird in the background so common you almost don't hear it, the smell of dinner cooking as my son completes his homework.  It is all so beautiful but it is all so common it is easy to miss.  But for the next thirty one days I am going to relish as much as I can.  Capture the moments on this blog and share them with you.  I hope that in joining me on this journey, that you are able to share in them with me and in turn capture and relish your own moments. 

Thank you!

31 Days of Everyday Beauty: Road Trips

31 Days of Everyday Beauty: Day 5

Day 5 already! Everybody loves a road trip. A few hours in the car complete with snacks and a sense of adventure. Pictures to be taken. Naps to be had. Coffee to be drank. Songs to be sung. The trip is as wonderful as the destination.

On the road or at home wishing you everyday beauty.

31 Days of Everyday Beauty: Cleaning Day

31 Days of Everyday Beauty: Day 4

There is no reward without the effort. I am one of those strange folk who enjoys to clean. It is a renewal of vows with my home. I reorganize not only my objects but my mind and spirit. It creates a sense a peace and a place of calm for my whole family. Everything works better when things are where they belong. I breath deeper, think clearer and love better. And that is a beautiful thing.

Tell me do love to clean?

31 Days of Beauty: Falling Chestnuts

31 Days of Beauty Day 3

Autumn afternoons are to be savored, for they are the last of summers warmth before the brisk air of winter. Changing leaves are comparable to an artists canvas. Chestnuts fall from out of our neighbors tree. The kiddos love to be the first to find them and present them to Dad as a gift. We hear the snicker of squirrels in frusteration as we round them up.

Hope you are enjoying this journey of finding beauty in the everyday.

31 Days of Everyday Beauty: Morning Rituals

Day 2 of Everyday Beauty

We stretch. We turn off the alarm. Open our eyes to the sunshine or at least the soft blue glow bringing the promise of sun eventually. For me I find a little one, or two, in my bed. I breath in their sweet heavy breath still in their slumber. Kisses are essential. I move slowly as to not disturb. I smell coffee and hear the soft banter of ESPN on a low volume. My husband, the early bird, is already prepared for the day. I feel full of gratitude to have a house so full.

May your morning be full of everyday beauty.