Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 16: Be Creative with Costumes

My children are still at an age where they are unaffected by trends, fashion statements and name brands. Their beautiful, unique, individual tastes are all that matter to them. How I wish it could stay this way forever. It is a lovely reminder of how to truly live.

My son loves trains. Correction: he is obsessed with trains. Last year we managed a Steam Locomotive out of card board boxes. This year he wanted to be a Bullet Train. I wasn't sure where to start. Thankfully my husband was and stepped in to manage this project.

Two card board boxes. One can of white spray paint. Three pieces of black and yellow construction paper. One small bottle of green acrylic craft paint. Duct Tape.

He was so happy and proud parading through the neighborhood on Trick or Treat night. They best thing was that many neighbors remembered his costume last year and loved this year's as well. My husband was beaming. There is nothing better than a handmade Halloween costume.

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