Friday, March 4, 2011

White Out

I have been really been inspired by the white rooms I've been seeing lately. So I took the plunge and started painting my office/craft/painting room white. This is not an easy task. This particular room is an extension off the side of the house. Three walls of the four are almost all windows surrounded by wood paneling.

The other wall is brick that includes the back of the fireplace from my living room. This leaves the room with lots of different textures as well as colors. We painted the brick wall white a few years back and now it is time to tackle the other walls. With the great light I get from the windows I think the space will be an amazing fresh bright space. When the painting is done I plan to get some white sheers to soften the windows and replace the ugly green ones that came with the house. It is still a work in progress and since my one year old has come down with a fever it will take a few days longer than expected. Stay tuned for the finished look!


  1. Love all white rooms!
    It looks beautiful!
    Clean, crisp, cozy!

  2. Thanks Leslie! I love it too! I have a few finishing touches to add and then I will post some "AFTER" pictures. Thanks for visiting my blog!