Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking Back

When I was nine years old I wanted to be a fashion designer. I would hide away in my room for hours designing ball-gownesque garments. I was also obsessed with the Anne of Green Gables series at this time so most of my designs resembled a mix of the eighties married with the Victorian era. Let's just say my tastes have changed quite a bit.

What strikes me most about looking back at that nine year old version of myself was my unabashed creativity and knowing of myself. I knew my tastes. I knew what I loved. I knew who and what I wanted to be. Over the years things changed. The books collected dust while I spent hours on the phone with the friend or boyfriend of the month. I cared more about what other people thought than what my true self wanted. Eventually I lost that little girl completely.

The best thing about loosing yourself is the opportunity to find yourself again. This period of reinvention is exciting. Funny thing is my true self isn't that different that the nine year old girl. I love to read. I love that quiet time all to myself. I love creating. I just started a line of embroidered hand bags in my shop. I wanted to expand my items to reach more of a market than just home decor. It has been really exciting and I love the feel of the pencil in my hand once more creating something beautiful with passion. Who knew looking back could give you so much to look forward too.

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