Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ikea How I Love Thee

When I was a kid, probably around nine years old, I visited Ikea for the first time. I should have realized then my love of interior design and the power it can have over your emotions. I was with my best friend and her mother and somewhere along the way we could not contain our excitement and were scolded by one of the sales people for climbing on the beds.

Thing is, I am now 32 years old and I have the exact same reaction every time I go there. I want to sit in all the chairs, roll on the beds, and touch every piece of fabric. It is usually a blur of adrenaline and overabundance right down to those lovely Swedish meatballs. My husband commented this trip that I am marketing executive's dream come true with all those strategically placed extras: "Oh I need that!..and that!...and that too!"

This trip I did manage to restrain myself a bit and actually stuck to my list, a first for me! I picked up a new mirror for our living room, new curtains for the office and living room, some dish towels, some fabric remnants, and a new houseplant that really belongs to our three year old son. (He is obsessed with them.) Once I get the curtains ironed and hung I can finally take some photos of our "White Out" office/craft room. Then I will promptly start working on my list for the next Ikea trip! Check out some of my purchases: Ekne


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