Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Thanks to some inspiration by Ellen at Handmade Recess, I have been thinking about the concept of waiting. What if we didn't have to wait? What if everything was instant gratification? What if we didn't have to work our tush off to get what we want?
Some things would be fine to get right iced latte, a hug from a loved one. But what about the big ticket items, there is usually much learned in the waiting process and in the working process. For instance, in the six months since I opened my Etsy shop I've learned things that have put me in a better position for the future of my business. Some are creative and conceptual, but others are nitty gritty business: what's the best packaging materials, what's the best way to file processed orders, what items should I keep filed for tax purposes. These items aren't glamorous but are as necessary to being successful as anything else.

What if huge sales would've hit from the get-go? Maybe I could have learned as I went but something most likely would have suffered like my customer service or my family life.

I like to find parallels in nature in any situation. It has almost become a hobby. When you plant a seed you don't reap fruit overnight. It takes time, some effort, some weeding out of things unnecessary, and some waiting. This is not wasted time, this is time to think and plan your next steps. No matter how much you toil in the soil, the plant will not grow any faster than intended. This is nature's time for us to get ready for a harvest.

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  1. so glad my rambling brought inspiration! patience is worth the hard earning. perspective is, too!