Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Teaming Up

I just teamed up with Brittany from the Love Stitched Blog, to be a sponsor for the next month. Look for her post on Saturday to list her great new sponsors for the month of April.

This got me to thinking about all of the great relationships I have developed over the past several months in growing my Etsy shops and blog. Coincidentally all of these relationships were with women with similar paths to mine. Most of us are mothers and most of us are artists in some form, be it design, fine art, or crafting. These similarities could have allowed us to be competitive with each other or maybe even hostile. But I have found nothing of the sort, instead I have been surprised with every one's welcoming supportive demeanor. It is so encouraging as an artist and even more so as a person, to find such helpful, kind, and supportive women out there cheering each other on, making someone believe that living the dream is not only possible but is being done. Thanks ladies!

Let me know who are the people that have supported you in living the dream?

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