Friday, September 30, 2011

If I knew how to do cartwheels...

If I knew how to do cartwheels, I would have been doing them this week. Because what else was there to do when two talented bloggers who I follow regularly and admire immensely contacted me directly to tell me that they are collaborating on a new site "Sashes to the Merchants" and wanted me and my shop, Blue Leaf Boutique to be a part of it, and the kicker is.... it is just because they love what I do. How often does that happen?

The creative talent, Ellen, behind Handmade Recess and the other creative talent, Jessi, behind Naptime Diaries have created a wonderfully rich and thought provoking site. The site has three principles:

  • Provide Biblical Encouragement

  • Offer practical help with creative business pursuits

  • And build a great community

I am so excited to be a part of it. The fact that I am a busy mom of two small children, starting my own business, and training for a half marathon and still find time to read their posts regularly tells you how rich and worthwhile it is. I hope you all check it out too!

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