Sunday, May 8, 2011

Benefits of Nature

Nothing like a little Mother Nature to inspire you to revamp your basement. And by revamp I mean: gut. And by inspire I mean: flood with water and require you and your husband to break out into hysteria.

All things in my household have taken a back seat due to the unrelenting rain we got here in Central Pennsylvania. The ground was saturated and after a few more storms than it could handle our basement filled up like a soup pot waiting for the dinner bell.

My husband and I scrambled at 10:00 at night with wet-vac and buckets in tow but eventually the battle was lost. The next several days were a blur of ripping up carpet and tearing down drywall. We were left with a completely blank slate and an insurance check. Not necessarily a bad thing!

We installed some faux hardwood flooring that is actually WATERPROOF. No buckling, bending,or mold. It's made from some type of magic rubber. Your basement floods and you just yank it out, let it dry, clean it off, and reinstall. Still some work but none of the cost of new flooring and it looks great!

I painted the walls a slate blue and added wainscotting along the bottom to brighten up the space. We got some new wool area rugs from a bargain store and some new throw pillows for good measure. I finally convinced my husband to rid ourselves of some old school college posters (this was his man-cave before kids) and added some Mediteranean art that I did. I added a houseplant onto one of the small window ledges to give the basement some life.

All in all I like it better than what we started with.

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