Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thanks Mom

When I was around eight years old my mom taught me to embroider. When I was around 10years old my mom taught me to sew. Because I was an annoying pre-adolescent, I rolled my eyes and probably said "Why can't we just go to the store and BUY something." Fast forward 20 years and now I pride myself in my ability to operate a sewing machine, manuever an embroidery needle, and I am always learning new tnings like how to make pretty little beaded flowers for me and my daughter.

I get so much joy from creating beautiful things by hand. Nothing makes me happier than creating beauty for my home and others. I love making jewelry, painting with oil and watercolor, drawing and sewing.

Two years I took the plunge and left my career to be a stay at home mom to my beautiful son. Since then I have had a daughter and could not be happier with my chosen path. I'm so grateful that Etsy has given me a creative outlet that I can incorporate into my family life.

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